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    • Slightly different request for help today.. I have finally(!!!) updated SignalCheck Lite, after several years of dormancy. It was stable and didn't need a lot of changes until Android 10 made it completely unusable. Anyone on the SCP Beta Crew is automatically on the Lite Beta Crew as well. The update should be available shortly.. could you please take a few minutes to install and test it, to make sure it is stable? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blueline.signalchecklite The code is nearly identical to Pro, but with many components removed. Once you verify it is working, you can uninstall Lite to minimize confusion. Please send me a brief comment (here, PM, email, whatever) after you give it a try and let me know how it looks. I do not expect any issues, but I want to make sure it is stable before it goes out. Thanks!
    • I have no idea what will happen to the third party stores. I guess location and volume should play a role or they could just let them all compete. Some of them could become Dish/Boost stores or Verizon/AT&T. There is sure to be some upheaval. We also don't know what role Amazon will play in this scheme with respect to Dish. I could see them reselling Dish/Boost phones bundled with service. They cannot be a Dish MVNO during the 7 years while Dish is an MVNO of T-Mobile. 
    • I know the Sprint Stores are third parties. Not sure about the TMobile stores. 
    • 4 official Sprint stores and 2 official T-Mobile stores or are some of them owned by third parties?
    • ...or the entire mall closing...   LOL...  Sorry... couldn't  resist.   Malls are more endangered than Sprint Stores...
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