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Ok so my issue now is I had a Magic Box Gold worked great till a few months ago.  Now it only sporadically broadcasts the Band 41 signal.  I have Signal Check Pro and also verify from other people that have Sprint in my office building.  Sometimes when I reset it or reboot it it will broadcast a Band 41 signal after an hour or more (sometimes even 2-4 hours later).  The box has GPS locked, LTE is connected, everything is fine but no devices connected.

After a few months of this I finally chatted with Sprint last week and they sent me another box, granted they only sent me a Gen2 but I figured if it at least works it is better than nothing.  I get it set up today wait a few hours and this one still doesn't broadcast a signal and on this one the GPS doesn't lock either.  I call them and ask, and they say the box looks like it is working fine on their end, but my phone does not detect that signal at all.  I even turned off Band 25 and Band 26 in my LTE settings on my Note 8 and restarted the phone and it will only connect to a Band 41 tower outside the building only.


So for kicks and giggles I got back out the Magic Box Gold and put it another window, and it booted up just fine connected and says there is 1 device connected though my phone still does not show it as a signal at all.  I still connect to an outside Band 25 tower.  So I don't know what device in the office is connecting to it, but now I'm starting to think maybe something is wrong with my phone not seeing the signal.  So i'm going to factory reset my phone tonight and see what happens.


Would love to keep my Gold one and send back the other they gave me if it was just my phone, but it is weird if it was just my phone.

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Ok update.  I factory reset my phone and the Magic Box Gold still does not broadcast a signal to it.  I took it home set it up in my house, still no dice for the last 2-3 days that it has been on at either place.  

The Gen 2 Magic Box works fine but took about 3-4 hours before broadcasting the first time, then when I come into the office in the morning my phone will not connect to it no matter how many times I restart the phone or cycle airplane mode, but the Gen 2 was broadcasting the signal consistently for about 2 days before it didn't.  Unplugging and plugging back in the Gen 2 gets it to broadcast a signal within 45 minutes to an hour an it will be fine again for probably another day or two.

I'm just trying to figure out why these things quit broadcasting signals after a few days of being up and why the Gen 3 won't broadcast one at all.  I assume the Gen 3 one is just a bad Magic Box at this point and I'm going to send it back.

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