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Google account logged in from different Country

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So I just received a notification that someone is logging into my google account any steps I need to take other than change my password?  I thought I had 2 step on but it was off so I also turned that on also.

My email is not listed many places so be on the look out. Maybe 4 locations it was not listed on the pwned site so not sure what is going on.

edit: It is not the email I use for this site just looking at what else needs to be done.

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Could it have been through a VPN you use or with an old website when IPs did not always fit the country range?

If you have a sim card on another carrier or an unsmashed old phone that could have been compromised as the first step in this hack along with any associated accounts.  Check any related accounts in order of unsecured money: bitcoin etc, brokerage, credit cards, bank accounts, other credit. 


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That account was mostly used for game login. I saw that support page after I changed my password but before I posted here. I guess I need to remember to change all of my passwords even if nothing is wrong. The only link between main account and this account is email recovery.  I didn't know if it should be reported to someone like ic3.gov which is the FBI internet crime thing.

I guess this could just be a service announcement to check https://myaccount.google.com/security to see what is listed in "Your devices".

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Thankfully Google has a soft 2 step verification and I was at least notified. I guess the good thing is that I will continue to make sure family members have 2 step verification on. I will even push it on the non tech people. Hopefully they won't run into many issues like leaving their phone somewhere else but trying to login on a new device. 

I was a little surprised that google does not have this turned on by default I have ran across some accounts that are only used for android phones not have 2 step on by default. By turning it on it should not hurt those people to much. 

Any ways Merry Christmas    

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