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Verizon Offering Domestic T-Mobile UMTS Roaming

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Hi guys,

I think Verizon is now offering domestic HSPA roaming on T-Mobile on devices lacking CDMA.

While looking on Verizon’s international coverage map (https://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/overlays/international-travel-coverage-map.html), I noticed 3G coverage in Curlew, WA which only shows up when “World Device (with GSM)” is selected. The coverage is not there on the “Non World Device (CDMA Only)” setting.

Upon poking around the source code, I found that map loads several coverage layers, including one called “directumtsamericas”. Upon cutting out all of the layers barring this one, I found that the map exactly matches T-Mobile’s HSPA coverage map. It is interesting to note that UMTS-only (non-HSPA) areas on T-Mobile’s map do not show up on Verizon’s map  

I know Verizon has offered UMTS roaming for CDMA-less devices on AT&T in the past. Maybe they are now replacing this with T-Mobile roaming?

EDIT: Premier sponsors can now view this coverage on the Ultimate Coverage Map. 

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    • So many groups have made up their minds first, find facts to back them later.  In a more straightforward article would want to see the models assumptions in detail.  The article quotes Dish, whose role is typically to drive up the costs of mergers.  Without Dish doing that for the purchase of Clearwire, there possibly could have been billions more for Sprint network expansion or lower prices.
    • All small cells that we have seen in Ohio have a PCI of 450 or greater.
    • I still think that the prices will be more in mind for Verizon and AT&t. Honestly to build out a maintain and expand the network of that caliber and size you need obviously more money from your revenue source which is consumers. So in these higher prices to build out the network and to maintain it it cost lots and lots and lots of money I do not see prices going lower. They would not be turning a profit they kept prices where they are.

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    • I agree with you but I could see them get in trouble with their wording. On https://newtmobile.com/ it states  I could see them come back and say well lower than Verizon and AT&T...
    • You obviously need to have higher prices to build out a better Network it obviously does not come cheap.

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