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Ah, B30 went 5x5 there as well.  Seems like this is widespread.  10x10 on B30 is interfering with SiriusXM services.  SiriusXM and AT&T have always had and are still hashing out interference issues which have negatively impacted SiriusXM services.  Get too close to a B30 sites and you lose your service. Apparently 5x5 is as well but not as bad. 

Apparently the fix might be to co-locate SiriusXM terrestrial repeaters at B30 sites. SiriusXM already has high powered repeaters in major markets, but those aren't enough to overcome interference issues once you get too close to a B30 site. 


Makes me once if this will stop or slow down B30 deployments. I remember AT&T saying something like deploying on just 5MHz isn't worth itl

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    • Thank you Mike one of the guys clarified it. Good to know I wasn’t seeing things lol

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    • The app already uses EARFCN as the primary means to identify the LTE band.. it will try to match a GCI pattern first, but if there are no matches or the "guessed" band does not match EARFCN data that appears to be valid, it uses the EARFCN instead. Since there are so many B14 sector possibilities right now, I don't think I will continue adding them beyond what is programmed now. Most newer devices on newer Android builds are properly reporting EARFCN, with some exceptions (issues with B66/B71 most notably). GCI pattern matching has become most useful to identify "special" cells (MM/SC/MB/Airave/etc) as well as multiple carriers.   I know this was answered elsewhere, but for the benefit of anyone who comes along later -- a small cell second carrier has been identified that follows the same GCI pattern as one sector of a Mini-Macro second carrier. Since the app has no way to know which one it is, it displays both indicators when this occurs. -Mike
    • I mentioned it earlier the Tampa market thread, but i made my first VoLTE call today on my iPhone XS.

      I got a spam call during a game I was playing. Normally this cuts off my data session and it takes a while to reload, but this time after declining the call, the game carried on like nothing happened. I thought that was odd and checked the carrier info on my iPhone XS and saw IMS was active for SMS and Voice. Woohoo!

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    • So, TMobile has stated that if the merger goes through, you'll be able to go into a Sprint store but be put on TMobile's network. What if you already have a plan on Sprint.  Would I be able to get say a OnePlus 6T, activate it on my account and it be on TMobile's network?
    • Just noticed this today (MM2/SC2) anyone else?

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