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    • The last time I did that on my S10+ and I went back into that menu, the toggles had been reset to their default positions automatically.
    • Jumping off of my previous issue with VoLTE with Verizon customers. It seems like Sprint to Sprint HD voice works fine both for incoming and outgoing calls but with Verizon users, it won't activate unless I call the person. Incoming calls from Verizon sound horrible.
    • That would involve another lengthy merger proposal with the FCC and DOJ.   Another 2 years wasted.   A possible new administration...  IDK.... don't like that idea.    Who's going to teach them  how to run a network?   (LOL)... please don't say ....    
    • A solution to what exactly?  anti-competitive?  Well when it is to buy or not to buy, the only answer is not to buy. I guess the judge is considering Dish's prospective. Will they get the job done.  I think, with deadlines so near, and them owning spectrum for so long, we have to look at intent.  So far, with the lack of building anything, that shows pretty solid intent right there.  As soon as the carriers get spectrum, they toss that stuff up on towers asap. Look how much has been deployed for B66, B71, B14. Look how much 5G is already deployed.  Dish, in the last year before deadlines annouced 1, maybe 1.5billion for an IoT network.    I was actually kinda thinking about this. Dish needs to be willing to buy Sprint's entire network. Sprint essentially stays as is, minus spectrum licenses and postpaid customers. 
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