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iPhone XR Thread


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iPhone XR is Apple's mid-size, lower priced iPhone for 2018, announced September 12, 2018. When it launches October 26, it'll come in 6 colors, all available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB configurations.

Included are most of the features found in the XS models, like the A12 Bionic Processor, FaceID in the 7MP True Depth front camera, wireless charging, and Dual SIM technology, 1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM(currently not supported by Sprint).

Notable differences are the 6.1" Liquid Retina LCD display, single 12MP wide-angle lens, IP67 water-resistance instead of IP68, and only LTE-Advanced LTE, not Gigabit-class LTE.

However, it does include LTE band 71, so it's compatible with T-Mobile's 600MHz spectrum.

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Did anyone ever pick up an iPhone XR? I did get the 128GB in Blue last month, and I love it. I have it on a 2nd line.

My wife and kids have the XR. They love it. The battery life is longer than any of the X series phones. Even the XS MAX.
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On 4/18/2019 at 1:20 PM, tybo31316 said:


My wife and kids have the XR. They love it. The battery life is longer than any of the X series phones. Even the XS MAX.

I have not put my XS Max and XR side by side to test out battery capacity. I should, but haven't had time. Too much going on with work lately.

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    • At least a few sites in STL are now at 100 MHz.
    • 100 MHz n41 is live in Austin and...Bentonville, Arkansas. Guessing this went live on Tuesday or Wednesday in Austin; network was acting a bit wonky on Tuesday. Noticed it yesterday, as I'm still a little too far away at home to catch n41. Peak speed in Bentonville 1/3 mi from the site was 675-700 Mbps down, 80-90 Mbps up, with the upload speed only possible with a 20 MHz B66 anchor...which seems congested at times. They also have 5 MHz B2 here as an anchor, which predictably leads to slow uploads. n71 is 15x15 here. Sprint B25 is two 5x5 channels. Weirdly, seems like I'm being routed through Nashville, so latency is rather high, and tethering performance is somehow quite poor...maybe it's due to congestion on the PCC meaning that the difference between on-phone and tethered priority is the difference between a usable connection and...not. Also, VZW (with the old Alltel SID for CDMA) is what you end up using inside the Crystal Bridges museum, though the area has WiFi so not the end of the world.
    • The Sprint site at 520/202 was decommissioned a few weeks ago. Everything was pulled off the pole. 
    • It looks like N5 supports 5, 10, 15, and 20 MHz channel widths. I wonder how long they'll wait before they make a change to be able to use more of that spectrum for N5. Possible options I see: Use 15x15 as B26/N5 using DSS (If thats an option, or would it have to match and be N26?) 5x5 as B5 LTE for older phones and that still leaves 5x5 for HSPA.  A more aggressive option would be to use 20x20 for N5 exclusively and 5x5 for HSPA. This still leaves 10x10 B12 and 10x10 B14 for older phones for low band. Hopefully they enable SA if they go this route. Since I believe you can't aggregate low band LTE with low band NR in most cases, phones using the N5 carrier would not be touching the B12 and B14 carriers. If they enable SA on the 20x20 N5 carrier it would also help free up their limited midband spectrum for older non-NR phones. That would also prevent falling back to LTE only inside a building just because the mid-band anchor band was too weak. In Daytona AT&T was broadcasting 5x5 B2, 10x10 B66, and 10x10 B30 and that was it for midband. 
    • I've found 2 decommissioned Sprint sites in Louisville, both were sites with both T-Mobile and Sprint. In both cases all Sprint tower equipment including the rack were removed. I haven't had time to dig through our permit site to see if I can find anything, but I'll be surprised if I do. 
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