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Sprint Family Locator replaced by Safe & Found

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The Sprint Family Locator (SFL) has been very useful for piece of mind with my kids.  The new application seems to not have features such as "My Places" that I had on SFL.  Do any of you  know if such exist in Safe & Found?

If so, is there any way to import the "My Places" from SFL into Safe & Found?

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    • Oh, I'm already eligible for an upgrade.  I will definitely be upgrading to the S10.  I'll probably pre-order also.  This will be my first pre-order.
    • Ha. It's definitely not a joke. They're already using it on a more budget model in their lineup. It's an inevitability Mr. Anderson. Submit to the Matrix.  I really don't see what the big deal is. At least this way I KNOW where the camera is so people will be looking at it in pictures (1) and 2) I won't always swipe over it when I pull down the notifications, like I do now. 
    • My upgrade is the same day but I'm waiting to see the exact specs, hoping the hole punch was a joke to throw people off. Otherwise I'm staying put, may go iPhone or Note 10 so long as it doesn't have a hole in the screen.
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    • My Sprint account says my Flex Lease Upgrade is 3/1/19, but currently (as of today) my lease upgrade price is $76 (2 payments).....so, I'm hoping it respects the 3/1 date. 🤷‍♂️ I'll pre-order the S10 for the wife and S10+ for me. I'm excited about these phones for the 1) the cameras and 2) in display fingerprint on front. Man the back placement is annoying and the wife complains about it routinely. Rumor mill says 4100mAh for the S10+?! that'd be awesome as well.  Who's going to start the S10 user thread instead of the "rumor" thread??
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