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Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

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14 hours ago, PythonFanPA said:

I'm no moderator here officially, but I've served as one on many other sites, both private and commercial/for profit, and just want to underscore for you guys continuing this:  both Robert and other mods have warned you, and yet you're continuing the political-based discussion. 

Just to interject a friendly alternative suggestion before one of them comes in here and acts on that timeout threat - you could just as easily continue these back-and-forth arguments directly via private messaging, which the site supports.  It's your choice whether or not to do that, but you can continue as you are, or have that choice forced on you the hard way.

A S4GRU Moderator did take action in this instance.  Posting privileges temporarily removed.


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21 hours ago, Paynefanbro said:

Going off topic a bit, the merger that I wished would've happened a long time ago is MetroPCS and U.S. Cellular. Their networks would've complimented each other so well and they would've been a decent 5th nationwide carrier with a combined 14 Million customers. 

They could have merged with a few other independents like C-Spire. 

Or I wish that Sprint would have merged with Leap, Metro, US Cellular, Allttel, C-spire and a few other rural carriers instead of Nextel.

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Posted (edited)

If only.   That would have been better looking back.  

Edited by dro1984

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