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    • 000000 works for the msl password on the omadm menu. I was to afraid to change my S9 from Sprint Production though as i am unfamiliar with that menu. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
    • I get band 2 off T-Mobile but not band 71 anymore. As far as us cellular haven’t connected to their LTE once where I use to get it all the time now it’s us cellular 3g only.
    • I see this happen too. It is known about.
    • Yeah...it's screwy indeed.  The sequence for me went as follows - my primary corporate store told me I needed the "1242" (which is the last four digits of the UPC for the SIMGLW406TQ) and they were out.  I called four more stores before finding one that had two of them 10 miles away.  Went there, and their internal systems said they wouldn't activate in the Unlocked version, but tried both anyway after seeing the same chart you posted on their internal computers - didn't work.  I called corporate from the store and they got the SIM into the Sprint system which the local store couldn't do - corporate said they thought SIMGLW406TQ should work, but it wouldn't fully activate despite multiple attempts and all kinds of refresh attempts for PRL's, profiles, etc.  Store 2 said SIMOLW506TQ was listed as an alternative but they were out of BYOD SIM kits.  I returned to Store 1, bought a 4 in 1 BYOD SIM kit, and the phone activated fully in 10 minutes.  I'm getting an extra GLW406TQ mailed from Sprint just because it's so hard to find and will keep it with my Sprint Z3 Play.  Yeesh.  
    • That's weird as I checked the latest information available to me that the BYOD unlocked version would work with the BYOD SIMOTA kit and the alternative SIMOTA 406's. The postpaid version only takes the 406's.  When bringing devices capable of BYOD Sim kits, always get those first as they're considered primary sim cards and would work.  I've also split out the Moto Z3 postpaid and byod now so people won't make the mistake of trying the BYOD KIT sims on postpaid devices. 
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