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    • Hi all, I remember us having T-Mobile equipment spotting threads at some time in the past but can't seem to find them now...were they deleted or moved?
    • I have it on my S8. It's sounds amazing and the calls go thru faster than CDMA. I love it

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    • I live in Central Atlanta and though I don't have volte on my Galaxy S9+ I do have calling plus and I absolutely cannot stand it. CDMA has much further range and never drops and is completely clear. VoLTE depends (obviously) on an extremely robust LTE network which - even in Atlanta - just doesn't exist. Yes it's a strong LTE showing for Sprint here but look at my words. It's really good but it is not what I would call "extremely robust." I cannot see any advantage to using it and am quick to toggle calling plus off anytime I accidentally toggle it on. 
    • I foresee no spectrum divestitures. Other conditions maybe imposed such as:  1. Any Sprint MVNO is automatically grandfathered in. 2. Any Sprint authorized dealer becomes a New T-Mobile authorized dealer. 3. Any roaming deals of CCA  members with Sprint will be grandfathered in. 4. Any deals with rural wireless companies to use Sprint spectrum and in turn provide cell service to Sprint for free will be grandfathered in. 5. The combined company shall expend their coverage to match Verizon's or AT&T's coverage within 5 years. 6. There shall be no loss of coverage resulting from this merger 7. Companies shall allow current subscribers to keep their phones and plans for at least 2 years or provide incentives to current subscribers to move to new plans and phones.
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