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For discussion of the upcoming Moto G6/Plus/Play.


Models XT1924, XT1922, and XT1925 respectively.

Batteries 5000(?!)mah, 4000mah, 3000mah respectively.

I predict Plus/Play/Regular respectively.

Based on dimensions the G6 Plus is XT1924 (it's a few mm longer than the other two). Based on battery mAh the XT1922 is the Play and XT1925 is the regular one. Actually the battery numbers are making me second-guess everything. We will probably know tomorrow.

No device photos in the FCC docs as far as I can tell, but it looks like all three support all of the Sprint bands. Yay!

Looks like XT1925 is certified for 41-25 and 41-26 aggregation but the other two aren't.

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After my Moto X Pure Edition experience with software updates falling off the map, I think I'll be sticking to Google devices.  At least I know what support I'm getting and for how long.

My buddy is still using my Moto X Pure, so the hardware is good.  Hopefully these can last for a couple cycles.

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I'm disappointed that the G6+ isn't slated to be released in the US. It was the only G series model that was to be capable of 3x20MHz CA. The other two G6 models do 2xCA. I guess I might as well stick with my aging Nexus 5X. I'm disappointed because I really love the RF performance of my old X2.

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    • Yeah that tower is by mercy. I saw yesterday a tower being put up north or Penn and Memorial. 
    • Based on the earlier public released plans and interviews, that would be true on a market by market basis as the new T-Mobile converts B41 to 5G.  What is in the latest plans is anyone's guess.  Going to 5G would provide 100MHz wide carriers which would mean 5 times faster uploads before factoring in 5G speed improvements.  Could one radio handle all of the available B41 bandwidth that Sprint has in numerous cities (up to 8 or 9 20MHz carriers)? Rumors are the Sprint Massive MIMO radios can only handle 6 carriers for a total of 120MHz, but I could be wrong.   My understanding is also that T-Mobile small cells are all fiber fed which would free up bandwidth for phones.  T-Mobile would likely go for different radios hopefully covering the full 194Mhz since they would only want 5G support.  In deals like the Shentel-nTelos and T-Mobile-Metro PCS the FCC has always had the firms either upgrade the firmware to support the new network or to give discounts for new phones.  Your voice will only be heard if you tell the FCC.  The FCC comment period is now open until early December. If T-Mobile drops CDMA, then voice coverage will also be reduced given the vast range of 1x800. (I have observed it up to 50 miles away, but that is in rare cases).  In the Shentel-nTelos merger, LTE coverage was mandated to extend fully over all nTelos 3G coverage.  Once again this is something you should ask for.  Another area of concern is VoLTE support.  I personally think Sprint will only offer it on phones it is currently selling.  Hopefully T-Mobile will go back to phones such as the LG V20 and have VoLTE support.  But always best to ask. https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-18-1155A1.pdf https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/search/filings?proceedings_name=18-197&sort=date_disseminated,DESC
    • Looks like Sprint and T Mobile have been active around my house.   I see at least 3 new small cells that have going up in the last 2 weeks and are active.    I can pull a band 41 signal from 2 of them... the 3rd I'm assuming is Sprint  or T-Mo?   I'm not sure what the T-Mobile small cells look like.   Its very good to see progress.    Does anyone know if the small cells can broadcast more than one frequency?  Ie... if the merger is approved and T-Mo turns band 41 into 5G... then I assume I will not be able to pull that in with my Samsung 9+? 
    • Oh and I assume much of this is was a negotiation to renew their lease.

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    • That’s what happens when you have a plan and can execute on it. And have customers....

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