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    • I activated two Xs Max iPhones via Sprint’s website on Friday, both had the same problem. After the first error, I carefully checked the IMEI that Sprint’s website listed, and the last digit was missing. I manually input the IMEI and activated without problems. When I began the second activation I checked the IMEI first, and the website was again incorrect. So I manually input the IMEI and successfully activated the second phone.
    • Decimal GCI as been there in the Premier Hunters maps for a long time.  Typically we try to keep sponsor maps a little easier to understand, but could do it if requested.
    • I’m about to upgrade four of our lines to iPhone XS in the next few days. The other 3 lines we have are on Android. I’ve always waited for the first batch to ship out in case there are any zero-day problems with the device, software, activation or accessories availability. This year it’s UPS delivery and activation issues. Hope everything settles down this week.
    • records request through the city of san diego...  the city has a master agreement with mobilitie for up to 500 sites.   there should be a 3rd and 4th batch soon, since the 2nd batch isn't even done yet ( I just saw them replace a light pole in pacific beach yesterday, its on the list. )   Just asking...any one know of any work being done in the city of san marcos? 
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