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Gear S3 Frontier


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At work (on a ship) it might only show 3-4 flights of stairs in a day. Although, i probably do at least a hundred. At a waterslide last year it showed that I climbed about 300 flights of stairs. So, I think the 12 steps is accurate. 

Also, it is still working after all that. I'd feel safe swimming with it. 

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Looks like Samsung lost me as a smartwatch customer, won't be upgrading my S3 Frontier anytime soon to the new Samsung watch. Everything I've read, they took out MST (magnetic secure transmission), which is the ability to use Samsung pay on most card readers!

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Anyone having problem with text messages on this phone, specifically with viewing pictures? I am using Google Message and when I receive a text with a picture, my phone shows the text, but only shows "picture" instead of the actual picture. I remember when I first got this phone, this wasn't an issue, so not sure if a Samsung or google update caused this problem.

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