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ipad 9.7 inch 2017 edition thread

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hello i am here to start a htread for the ipad 9.7 inch 2017 edition

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    • By S4GRU
      by Scott Johnson
      Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
      Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 12:01 AM MST
      Many of us enjoy the freedom that rooting or jailbreaking our phones gives. Adding custom ROMs, removing “bloatware” or Carrier IQ, and adding additional controls are just the start. We knowingly take the risk that that we may turn our phone into a brick, and our warranty will likely not cover repair or replacement. But will we knowingly commit a criminal act to unlock our phones?
      Apple has claimed that jailbreaking the iPhone was in conflict with copyright laws. Given the amount of time they spent locking down iOS, it’s no surprise they oppose it. In July 2010, the U.S. Copyright Office eventually decided that jailbreaking and rooting was not a violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), as long as it was not done with the intent of circumventing copyright. However, this decision was not permanent. If it is allowed to expire next month, jailbreaking and rooting could be considered breach of the DMCA.
      Development websites like XDA started out with the public perception that they were underground gatherings of hackers and pirates. Since the U.S. Copyright Office published the finding that jailbreaking and rooting was not illegal, those development websites have become widely popular and have largely changed the public's perception. Even Steve Kondik, aka “Cyanogen”, creator of the widely popular Android ROM CyanogenMod was hired by Samsung.
      Due to the liberties that millions of us enjoy about to be removed due to the sunseting DCMA, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has begun a campaign to keep our phones free. They are undertaking a campaign to convince the U.S. Copyright Office that we should have the right to unlock not only our smartphones, but our tablets and video game consoles. They have a petition that they will send to the U.S. Copyright Office, and they are asking for Concrete examples of legal uses of jailbreaking that “will help show the Copyright Office why they should renew and expand the exemptions for jailbreaking.”
      You can visit the EFF’s jailbreaking page here: https://www.eff.org/...ee-your-devices
      Photo courtesy of iphonefreakz.com
      Source: http://www.phonearen...l-again_id26246
    • By S4GRU
      by Scott Johnson
      Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
      Friday, February 3, 2012 - 2:00 PM MST
      The iPhone is something many people see as a status symbol. Many who have never owned one, long for their upgrade date so they can go out and buy the "exclusive" iPhone that they have been denied access to for years. Even some who had the iPhone, and then switched carriers, long to repurchase another. Yes, the iPhone is a well made smartphone with access to a loaded app store, and has many desirable features. But is it really better than Windows Phone, Blackberry or Android models?
      When Apple entered into a contract with AT&T, they remanufactured the RAZR craze and how the artificial scarcity of the device created such huge demand. The RAZR was a good device, and you may argue it was well ahead of other phones at the time of its release, but the other manufacturers caught up quickly. Apple used a similar strategy and it has paid off immensely. The iPhone is now available on the top 3 carriers in the U.S., but is still seen as a status symbol in many circles. As if only a few people have access to it. One could make a strong argument that the Samsung Galaxy SII is a superior smartphone, but still many customers line up to get the iPhone instead, because their inner hoarder says they NEED it, and the products perceived coolness and limited availability only add to the whole experience.
      The concept of artificial scarcity is simple. You take a product that is plentifully available to manufacture in mass, but limit distribution to a limited time, limited area, or in the case of the iPhone, limited retail outlets.
      The strategy has worked perfect for Disney. Why let your movies make the gradual descent to the $3.99 Wal-Mart bargain bin? Just keep "taking them out of the vault" and offering them at full price for a few months every couple years and people pull their credit cards out to pay $17.99 for an 85 year old movie and thank Disney for "allowing" them the opportunity to purchase Snow White. Oh, and you get to be a part of a limited privileged club.
      Another notable example is McDonald's McRib. If it was on the menu full time, many people either wouldn't bother going to McDonalds or would order something else, but artificial scarcity commands us to rush in to McDonalds and get several McRibs at a time because we won't have another chance at it for another year. What do we end up with, besides a belly ache and a reason why we don't normally eat at McDonalds?
      We should be immune to this form of advertising by now, as we are constantly inundated with limited time availability and special edition products all around us. However it is still alive and well here on Planet Earth, because it still works. Big time.
      Can Apple keep the air of exclusivity over its iPhone as it continues to broaden its distribution? Or will smartphone buyers move on to other devices? Only time will tell. But many doubt that Apple will play its hand as well in an era post Steve Jobs.
      Photos Courtesy of iPhone5rumor.net
    • By MacinJosh
      As the rumors are heating up about Apple's next Flagship, it's time for a rumor thread. Post everything relevant about the iPhone 7 in this topic.
    • By jroepcke51
      This came up in my Sprint feed of articles.  Not only do I think this is a smart move on Apple's part, but Brightstar is all over the place helping move these phones around the world. 
    • By RedSpark
      Does anyone know the latest on WiFi Calling Support for iOS, and why it hasn't launched yet? Sprint's CFO made an announcement back on December 2, 2014 that it would launch in 60-90 days, but it's been radio silence since. What's going on?
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    • Sprint has to get on the right side of the curve to get adds, which leads to cash flow, which enables network upgrades... and effective marketing of that improved performance leads to more adds. Unfortunately, SoftBank hasn’t contributed enough capital to get Sprint on a positive feedback loop of the aforementioned. Agree 100%: Sprint was in terrible shape when Marcelo came on board. I recall the early conference transcripts where Marcelo said his employees couldn’t explain Sprint’s value proposition to him and where he said Sprint’s 10% share of gross adds rendered it effectively irrelevant (https://www.nasdaq.com/aspx/call-transcript.aspx?StoryID=2675845&Title=sprints-s-ceo-marcelo-claure-presents-at-wells-fargo-technology-media-and-telecom-conference-transcript😞 And I’ll tell you probably my biggest surprise is, what I’d like to call, the monthly market share or better referred as, share of gross adds. And in the month of August, I think I took my first day in the job was August 12 in Kansas City, our share of gross adds was 10%. When you’re 10%, that means you are not even part of the conversation, you’re irrelevant. When you go from a – when you have a market share of 16%, and a share of gross adds of 10%, that means you are under-indexing your true capabilities. So that was a big surprise, one of the things that we found. Secondly, what’s the amount of customers leaving us in comparison to coming? So we were network negative. The quality of our subscribers that we were attracting, they were lot more in sub-prime area than I would have liked. So, those sort of things were a big surprise. And I would have liked to have a little more time to understand, let's say, everything on the business, but when you look at those numbers, you just don’t have time.
    • Right with you... We have a number of 3G sites in parts of Maryland surrounding DC. Every time I visit family in Derwood outside of Rockville, service tanks to a mix of None/1x or 3G at best... outdoors. I’ve reported it for years now.
    • This is what I see on my account. I don’t see a FREE HD video addon or any video add ons at all. 
    • Some required core updates, prerequisite upgrades, Samsung sites may have required special modules and then changing the GCI sectors (Sprint tends not to go ahead until all three of its vendors can do something. Latest example - Massive MIMO). Another huge factor was likely the cost of backhaul. They also had to get Son's approval and raise the capital.  5G represents a leapfrog opportunity for Sprint.  Most people don't understand how close to bankruptcy Sprint was before Marcelo took over.
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