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    • Sprint still hasn't finished El Paso?!? I know there are a few sites that haven't been touched in West Texas (SW of Monahans and between Van Horn and Fort Stockton), but if this site is in the immediate El Paso area, then this is just....😐.
    • Sure thing, let us know if you need help troubleshooting. They don't make a decent off the shelf model, and probably won't until whatever 5g is rolls out in 202?. These are probably the most comparative to off the shelf in price and function.

      Like building anything, do some reading, ask some questions and it should go pretty smooth.

      Sometimes they need a reset or a firmware upgrade, but that is something you will not get out of Netgear often; i.e. I use an unlocked AT&T branded mr1100 nighthawk. It has received a couple updates, but they don't do much to add functionality. It still camps on low bands, band selection or combinations are non existent, and it has a real fussy ethernet port. Cost me 200 bucks. I put together a 3 carrier capable modem and router for 249 and it does all of these things, and does not require carrier support for updates.

      I get regular firmware updates for both LTE modems(Telit, Sierra Wireless) and the routers(openWRT, ROOTer, modem manager). I am mesh networking a couple right now to boot. 
    • using a GS9 in London now. Spent the $25 for a week of high speed data. 5 days in and I'm almost at 2GB so for high data usage its better to go this way than keep open world. The main network for Sprint is O2. I think I connected to Vodafone once so far. I do have problems connecting once in a while and dropping to HSPA. Speeds are slow but I think this is due to not having all the bands on the GS9 and not having CA for the Bands I have. Haven't gone past 15Mbps download.    I also brought my Essential phone and put an EE sim card in. they are known as the biggest and fastest LTE network. They use band 7 which is also 2600mhz and when i connect to that and/or CA I've seen speed over 100mbps. on the glaxy on O2 I haven't seen faster than 15mbps
    • Oh I didn't know. But it's definitely Alcatel-Lucent in Boston. Also I think he's talking about in NYC, another Nokia/ALu market.
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