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AT&T implements C-RAN, 256QAM, 4x4 MIMO, 3xCA in Indianapolis


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The rest of the technology implementation we have seen before from T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon but the implementation of C-RAN is a first for this country. C-RAN as Centralized RAN communicating with RRHs at the remote sites via fronthaul. Now it is my understanding that they have only implemented what they call 5G Evolution but it's really LTE Advanced in a few high traffic sites but I can see them implementing it all over their network. I like the C-RAN technology since it allows you to centralize your base stations in one central location and maybe colocate them with your MSC in a data center, where you can have fault tolerance, large UPS's, backup generators, much easier updating, etc. I believe that it will also lead to educed rents to the tower companies.


"Citing network upgrades that include centralized-RAN (C-RAN), 256 QAM, 4x4 MIMO and 3-way carrier aggregation, AT&T is launching 5G Evolution in parts of Indianapolis today.

AT&T said it worked closely with the city of Indianapolis to make sure AT&T’s network and infrastructure are ready to support the “technology of the future” to prepare for things like self-driving cars. The operator invested more than $350 million in its Indianapolis wireless and wired networks during 2014-2016."





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This isn't the first instance of AT&T deploying 256QAM or 4x4 MIMO. It's already up in many areas. They just don't toot their horn like Magenta...



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well AT&T also has a monster budget compared to TMobile

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