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    • Coverage expansion is badly needed !!

      Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

    • T-Mobile is 💩. I hope the merger fails and sprint continues to upgrade and expand as they are now... sprint can stomp on the other carriers if they can keep up this pace.
    • That was in the initial public plan discussions.  Since then they have submitted at least one more plan.  At this point I would say we have no idea how many separate Sprint sites they will end up keeping.  Don't forget that co-located sites are not counted in his tally. Nor do I assume small cells.  In the Shentel - nTelos Merger the FCC paid attention to coverage areas and said all of the nTelos areas (mostly 3G) must be covered by 4G LTE.  If the same standard is applied to this deal with 1x800 voice calls and T-Mobile gets rid of CDMA which I view as likely based on past actions with MetroPCS...
    • Actually he was more ambiguous: "FABER: Does leaving an enfeebled competitor worry you to act – sort of figure into your decision making? In other words, the idea that Sprint wouldn't ever be able to compete if it was truly left independent? DELRAHIM: That would certainly be one of the considerations that goes into a number of factors we would review to see, you know, what would happen to the competitive landscape. Does that -- what you're insinuating, does that mean there's only be then two competitors if this merger doesn't happen -- and one of them would fail or both of them might fail without this merger? Those would be factors we would consider. But I don't know if the evidence fully supports that."  
    • So managed to find a Moto Z2 Force to try out, and the results are pretty substantial sitting at my desk.  The Moto is better pulling LTE by 3 dbm, and the 1x (which I believe is what I want for just making a voice call, right?) was better by 16 or 20 dbm.  Might have me shopping soon...
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