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google/nexus/pixel 7 tablet rumours


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this was out earlier this week, didn't see any topic here yet.




I'm totally looking forward to a new nexus (or whatever name) 7" android tablet since my n7-2013 died several months ago.


I wanted to get a nexus 9, but never got around to it, and it is bigger than I prefer anyway.


Hopefully it will be an affordable high quality high-end tablet, equal or better than the ipad mini 4.



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I was tempted to upgrade to the Nexus 9 but didn't, my Nexus 7 2013 is still working like a champ. Taken on trips to Mexico, all over Europe, Vegas and still looking good. I might possible upgrade to the new one if the price is right.

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Would really like there to be a cellular option....  I have another 7" tablet that even fits in some of my pants pockets.  If this one has a 7" screen with a slightly thinner bezel, it'll likely fit even better...


I was able to put the original Nexus 7 in my back pocket with a cruzerlite tpu case on it. Levi jeans with a 34 waist.

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I'm a dude.....




I put my jeans size so indication that I don't shop in the Big & Tall sections....


If you can fit a tablet in a case in your back pocket, then you have a big butt.  And girls carry their devices in their back pockets.


Fat Bottomed Girls...




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