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    • My UNLOCKED S-9 can not transmit to the cell site if Band 41 is weak either.  It supposedly has HPUE but I do not see any improvement over phones without HPUE.   To make it wore, recently the parameters have changed that allow me to hang onto Band 41 and band 25 with a signal of -130.  Nothing works at the level, but apparently somebody decided to keep me on extremely poor connections and not allow the phone to drop to a better band.  It probably was done in preparation for VOLTE, but it sure has killed my data experience.   If I am trying to download an attachment to a G-Mail message, I can not do it on band 41 when being held to very bad levels.    -120 was not working and now I find my phone hanging onto -130 level.
    • June security update hit my G7 today - G710P16a (extremely fast reboot/install on this one at that).  Still no sign of Pie unfortunately.
    • Does anyone here have an issue with Band 41 not working well (or at all) on their S10 series device at signal levels of -104 dBmv or worse?  It's like the phone can't reach the tower to send requests.  I never had this issue with my Note 8 and it worked well up to around -120 dBmv. I can't help but wonder if my launch-day S10+ is defective.
    • I'm willing to give T-Mobile credit for at least publishing a map.  As far as I know, Verizon has yet to publish one. - Trip
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