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I just launched two Android Apps and I just wanted to share them with the S4GRU community. These are my first games I have developed and I'm still inexperience, but any feedback is much appreciated! Check them out and let me know what you think!


Meteor Escape:



Raining Candies:





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    • Yes - I forgot to mention it has a bulk uploading feature, as well. You can specify whether to replace/update already existing sites or leave them as is (this is because site IDs are unique - they're set up as indexes in the MySQL table). When uploading you can also specify field delimiter, record delimiter, column enclosure and escape characters.  You can download data in TSV format (tab-delimited). You can also download a SQL script that will input the data into any other SQL database. 
    • Any chance you could add a bulk upload and bulk download feature?  The bulk upload should give the option to append data or to replace the data.  The bulk download should download the data in CSV format. The easiest way to get data out of fusion tables is by downloading the fusion table to a comma separated value (CSV) text file.  CSV files can be opened and edited in any common spreadsheet applications to put the data in the format you request.  I would hate to make someone type in many 10's of thousands of sites one at a time.
    • I've went ahead and yesterday built a rough draft of the application I was talking about. It allows you to edit rows (single site records) with a GUI that then updates a map. You can also use SQL to edit records. The program additionally allows you to manage several maps in one place. Using it feels very similar to using fusiontables. I've PMed a link to @S4GRU and am awaiting feedback.  I would share a demo here, but the map I'm using for testing has information for ~1000 Sprint sites which I don't think I can post outside the sponsor forum. 
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