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    • By lilotimz
      These setups consist of a Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 eNB pole mounted on a macro site connected to sector antennas. Each mini macro is capable of up to 40 MHz of total LTE spectrum for 20+20 B41 carrier aggregation and are now being utilized to bring 2.5 on air if 8T8R equipment is unavailable or does not make monetary sense. 
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 Triband Antenna on Ericsson NV Macro
      (note decaport triband antenna & Nokia Mini Macro)

      (credit mdob07)
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 on Ericsson NV Macro 
      (note 2 coax rf jumpers coming off the top of the eNB)

      credit: mdob07
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 on Samsung NV Macro 

      credit: dkyeager
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 on Alcatel-Lucent NV Macro 

      credit: atomic50
      Clearwire  Mini Macro Conversion 

      credits: dkyeager
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    • That very same crane from the previous page was used this past two days in Bloomington at a site off of 94th and Penn that has a Sprint site but the antenna on top of it is not (I thought it was T-Mobile), something horrible must have happened because they took the old antenna completely off the top of the mast and set it on the tarmac at the base of the antenna, replaced the RRUs, the cabinet was opened and literally everything inside it appeared to be replaced, then the antenna at the top was replaced by Monday morning and they were literally working all day sunday on it.  The nearest I can think is the site above the Sprint antennas must have sustained lightning damage.  I have never seen such extensive work on a cell site taking place on a sunday literally going from before 8 in the morning until well after 8 at night.  I have extensive pictures.   It appears the Sprint site was tangentially involved because there is still equipment and additional guy wiring in place and cabling going to parts of the site including the Sprint cabinets.  Most curious to say the least.  It almost looks like power was prevented from going to the site.
    • Agree a 100% I'm tired of the uncertainty Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
    • As a trader the market chatter is that an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow if not by then by end of week. 
    • USCC should count as same coverage as being on Sprint, the R is for roaming into 1X not LTE. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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