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    • By lilotimz
      These setups consist of a Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 eNB pole mounted on a macro site connected to sector antennas. Each mini macro is capable of up to 40 MHz of total LTE spectrum for 20+20 B41 carrier aggregation and are now being utilized to bring 2.5 on air if 8T8R equipment is unavailable or does not make monetary sense. 
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 Triband Antenna on Ericsson NV Macro
      (note decaport triband antenna & Nokia Mini Macro)

      (credit mdob07)
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 on Ericsson NV Macro 
      (note 2 coax rf jumpers coming off the top of the eNB)

      credit: mdob07
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 on Samsung NV Macro 

      credit: dkyeager
      Nokia Mini Macro 2.5 on Alcatel-Lucent NV Macro 

      credit: atomic50
      Clearwire  Mini Macro Conversion 

      credits: dkyeager
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    • Do any of the experts around here how much of the Sprint network assets will be reusable by another carrier, eg the mythical 4th player, let's call them Dish? 1. EPC 2. eNodeB 3. RRH 4. Routers 5. Back-end infrastructure (customer facing and internal business servers)    
    • Ok I've now set up my third A4 and it doesn't seem to be getting a WAN connection. The WAN light is blinking green (same sequence of lights after about 12 hours). It's plugged in directly to my Netgear cable modem (which is not a router, just a modem). Can anyone assist? Thank you in advance.
    • I don't believe so. None of the Airaves have. I also heard that 1x HD Voice does not work on any device which supports VoLTE (including devices which support it but don't have it enabled yet, such as the S9). It has something to do with the way calls are routed in the backend, VoLTE capable devices are routed differently than non-VoLTE ones. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
    • Thank you!  After my initial experience when the A4 was first set up and my phone did not stay consistently connected to it, I went back to their residence about 5 hours later (and I also updated the profile & PRL on my phone) and my phone latched on and stayed connected to the A4 for the entire time I was there (about 2 hours).  During my initial experience 5 hours earlier, I made a Sprint to Sprint test call on the A4 and HD Voice was not working (HD Voice does work in their area on the macro network).  I forgot to make a test call during the time I was there 5 hours later.  Does the A4 support HD Voice for Sprint to Sprint calls? 
    • For mine it took about 1-2 days before phones would even see it in neighbors. Then they started connecting to it about a day later. Basically, I think there's some sort of automatic integration that has to go occur at the network level. I say this because when it was finished, my MB had changed PCIs. I think anytime a device like this comes online, all the others like it in an area change PCIs. Small cells behave the same way. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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