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Duplicate SMS MMS

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I am having a terrible time on four Sprint lines with recipients of our SMS and MMS messages receiving multiple copies of the same message.


This problem is not isolated to just group and the mess. It is occurring on single recipient SMS. I've switched apps from Messaging Plus to Hangouts to the phone's built in message app. Nothing seems to make a difference.


My phone is g4, my wife has an S6 and my son has an iPhone and it is occurring on all of our phones.


This morning when I landed at the Atlanta Airport I sent my daughter an SMS. She got it four times. I sent my son an SMS from Atlanta and he got it twice. Last night my wife was part of a group message and she received the same message over 20 times and then suddenly this morning she received the same message from last night probably another 30 times.


I called Sprint technical support and their answer was that we needed to take all four phones into a repair store for a diagnostic. Please.


Anyone experienced similar problems of this magnitude and have any idea what to do?

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I had this both with and without an Airave on Android and iOS devices while I was with Sprint and they always had the same answer to get devices checked and said no issues with phones when tested. It leveled off for a while but I've noticed this happening a ton lately from my friends on Sprint. During a side-by-side about a year ago a Sprint tech told me it was pretty commonly known to be happening with no fix in sight. 

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Hi, my friend had this problem a long time ago and sprint never resolved it.


He said it stopped when he broke up with his girlfriend at the time.


He believes her sending texts confused sprints system causing the multiple texts from unrelated people.


So, it may not be a problem with any of your phones, it could be a problem from someone who is *sending* to all of you.

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Once a device connects to Airave it's not uncommon to cause that issue. Next time you call into care (if there is a next time) tell the to purge your TM SMS profile. Airave really causes issues when your also in proximity of 800/Band 10 coverage. Oddly enough VZ has the same issue with their femtocells which is odd as Sprint uses the same aggregation provider as 2 of the other major carriers. Give it a shot. It's not the device.



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I have an Android and I get duplicate pictures from people with iPhones pretty much every time they send me a picture. Also my sister with an iPhone gives me duplicate texts sometimes. She also claims she has issues sending texts in places where the rest of the family has no issue whatsoever. Not sure what her issue is there.

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    • Looks like there's a slightly taller building going up next door to where the decommissioned site used to be. Taking a look at StreetView, T-Mobile likely decommissioned the site because the east facing sector would blocked by the new building. If I had to guess, T-Mobile has already agreed to move to the roof of the new building and is just waiting for it to be completed to install the site there. What they should've done is just rearrange the sectors in the meantime but it seems like T-Mobile just bit the bullet and decommed the tower in the short term. — — — — — A permit was issued for a Sprint conversion at 150 Prospect Park West, finally filling in what is T-Mobile's largest coverage gap in Park Slope. Verizon is collocated on that building and AT&T has placed small cells along Prospect Park West to fill in coverage there while T-Mobile struggled using two sites, one at Grand Army Plaza at the far north and another at Bartel Pritchard Square to the far south.  
    • Yep, you can see the site was taken down between Aug 2022 and Apr 2023.
    • Verizon site at Woodbury Commons finally got C-band. I'm seeing upwards of 600Mbps there, a massive improvement over the <1Mbps I used to see. LTE is now at 10-20Mbps which is significantly better than before where speed tests would often fail. My only complaint is that C-band is super inconsistent. Not sure if it's a software issue but sometimes I'm connected to it and get the 600Mbps speeds previously mentioned and other times I connect and only see 15Mbps. Seems like whatever load balancing the network is trying to do is still shoving a ton of people to LTE, even in conditions where I have a strong C-band signal.  — — — — — You're absolutely right. The site on top of Bais Sarah Hall at 6101 16th Ave got decommissioned. Sad that they haven't installed a new site to fill in that coverage gap.  — — — — — In other news a carrier reached out to the board of my grandmother's building in Brooklyn about installing antennas on top of it so she called me today because she knows I map cell towers and she said a lot of people in her building, especially the folks on the upper floors, are worried about the health effects lol. I asked her if she knew what carrier it would be but she said she doesn't know. A quick glance at Cellmapper tells me it's either Dish or AT&T since Verizon and T-Mobile both have sites within a two block radius of her building but AT&T barely builds new sites so I'm leaning Dish. They're asking for a 25-year lease with an option to renegotiate the lease after 10-years. The board of her co-op said that if they do it, maintenance fees will go down since they'll be offset by the rent that the carrier would be paying them. She said she already voted in favor of it but she thinks that a lot of the older people in her building are against it.
    • Galaxy S7 FE most certainly doesn't have the same level of NR CA (if at all), it also looks like it doesn't have SA NR, so it's is inherently going to be much slower since most of the spectrum is now focused on NR rather than LTE. It's likely the same generation radio as the S21 (or maybe S20). Having trouble finding which it would be.
    • T-Mobile seems to be paying close attention to how much of B2 they refarm for NR, as on this trip down to South Padre Island I saw both 20x20 n25 and 20x20 B2 (but not both simultaneously) at various points on the trip. At South Padre itself, seems like someone else has 2.5 GHz licensed so the n41 setup here is 20+80 MHz. Speeds are still decent, but VZW has 100+60 MHz n77 live (and AT&T has some 80+40).
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