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Google Nexus 6P by Huawei Activation Info

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A sticking point for many Sprint users who have ordered a Nexus 5X / 6P will be the need to acquire a new 4FF nano UICC/SIM card running the CSIM activation program.  That can be a simple process or a difficult one.  We cover some of that discussion in The Wall article.  To help S4GRU readers obtain or purchase the correct Sprint "CSIM 4FF V5," we have posted below the relevant info for both Sprint and Best Buy Mobile.


Sprint (corporate store with repair center or international support online chat):


Part: SIMGLW446C


UPC: 019962040146


Best Buy Mobile:




UPC: 7000116


For activation of the Nexus 5X / 6P on Sprint, if you already have a compatible and activated 4FF nano SIM (such as from the HTC One M9, 2015 Moto X, et al.), you can reuse that CSIM in the Nexus 5X / 6P.  However, you first must add the Nexus 5X / 6P IMEI/MEID to your account.


The Sprint online activation tool had no difficulty with that process today, perfectly recognizing a 16 GB Nexus 5X, even including the proper handset image.  Any Nexus 5X / 6P purchased from the Google Store appears to be already whitelisted on Sprint.  As you add the Nexus 5X / 6P IMEI/MEID to your account, the online activation tool gives you the explicit option to reuse your current SIM.  You do not need to reenter the UICC ID.


With the Nexus 5X / 6P IMEI/MEID addition complete, you can power cycle the handset.  The hands free activation process will then start and successfully complete.








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    • Anyone in central PA region/Shentel land on this phone that can speak to recent behavior?  Considering upgrading this this or possibly the LG V60 5G otherwise and moving my wife to my G8X, but trying to get opinion/feedback on it.  If you chime in, state whether you're still pure legacy Sprint vs say TNX mode as well please for clarity.
    • Thanks for the analysis on those sites! The Juanita-Woodinville Sprint tower at 47.74330, -122.19131 was mostly a surprise because:  The T-Mobile tower at 47.74440, -122.18346 is only 2000ft away and the T-Mobile tower at 47.74641, -122.20140 is only 2700ft away. The fact it NEVER showed the 312-250 PLMN. This is despite me trying hard to find out if it or the Sprint tower at 47.747532, -122.18941 were going to be keep sites.  If this were to fill that geographic dead zone, I would imagine something located closer to Oskam's Corner would be more suitable. I guess it is a case of a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.  As for T-Mobile's roll-out of B41/N41, I have to say I am impressed with the speed of deployment. Driving north on I-405 from the start at I-5, I locked my phone to B-41. I did not lose my T-Mobile B41 connection until I reached Kirkland. Even then, there was only a small gap and I likely would have been able to reach north of the 124th in Kirkland without issue. It seems like they are upgrading a number of sites in suburban Snohomish county near the King/SnoCo border.
    • Looks like they're continuing their streak of buying up T-Mobile MVNOs. I wonder how they plan on unifying all of them under one brand down the line, if they plan on doing that at all.
    • Block the DNS lookups (return NX or something like for epdg.epc.mnc260mcc310.pub.3gppnetwork.org and epdg.epc.mnc120.mcc310.pub.3gppnetwork.org and epdg.epc.mnc530.mcc312.pub.3gppnetwork.org And/or block UDP outbound to port 4500. You could probably just block all outbound to that subnet, but if you want to be sure it just blocks wifi calling, also restrict to that UDP port. The latter is probably preferred, but the DNS block should work if you don't have the ability to set outbound firewall rules on your router. Regarding the handoffs, that has always worked reliably for me. But you might have to make sure that "always on mobile data" is enabled under developer options.
    • Yes, I've seen that scam shield rarely works for me as well. I'm on TNX so I don't have call screener app anymore just the reported "superior" scam shield, but it doesn't seem to work very well. I get scam texts and calls quite a bit. 
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