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Nokia Lumia 900 now free (after $100 credit)


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The price of the Lumia 900 at launch was $100 on contract through AT&T. Now, thanks to a data bug http://www.electroni...ed.by.data.bug/ that basically puts the phone in airplane mode, Nokia is issuing a $100 credit making the phone free until April 21st. Everyone who already bought a Lumia 900 will be issued the credit as well.



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Sprint get on these Nokia's :)


I messed around with a Lumia 900 about two weeks ago, I would love to see a 4 in version since I thought 4.3 in was too big in my opinion, with S4 dual core Snapdragon with LTE.

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    • What devices should do, and what they actually do, are two very different things! As you've probably heard me mention countless times, many of those screens get information in a proprietary manner directly from the modem; apps like SignalCheck can only get what the OS is reporting. I did find your earlier reports, and as I guessed, the OS was reporting valid signal strength. I will try to figure out a solution.
    • Service mode shows the SIM as having no service, so I would think the device should report that. I believe I sent a diagnostic report a little while back—can you check to see if you have it?
    • Interesting, that doesn't happen on my P7. Can you send me a diagnostic report the next time you see that please? Hopefully the phone isn't actually reporting the -115, that will be tricky.
    • Hey Mike—another dual SIM bug. If one SIM loses service, it doesn’t disappear from the app.  I’ve seen this a couple times—my Dish SIM will lose service (confirmed in service mode), but SCP won’t stop displaying -115 or so. And it logs a data point at that signal every time the location updates.  Along the same lines, I have a custom trigger set up for 313340 (Dish), and the custom trigger keeps firing when this is happening. 
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