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Google Nexus 6P by Huawei (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

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5 hours ago, mrrogers1 said:

My Pixel XL is doing quit nice! 

I've been checking Ampere over the last year, and when the phone was new, the battery rarely went over 30C.  These days, you pick it up to check email, and the battery temperature shoots up to 40+C.  Battery life is taking a hit these days.  My Nexus 6P did that after only 6 months, but it's clear that batteries in the Google Phones aren't designed to last more than 6-12 months.  

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Holy moly!  It was an act of congress, but MasterCard finally approved my claim!     They initially insisted that I get it repaired and get a repair estimate.  I explained several times and ways

psst lookie lookie.

It's here! It's finally here!!!     Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk

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I've got a new Nexus 6p glass screen protector that I'll gladly mail to anyone who can use it.  Just cover the shipping cost.  It was a two pack, I only used one of them.


Omotion from Amazon


PM me if you'd like this.

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      The rumor mill has fully geared up, so it seems time for a thread in which the potential HTC-made 2016 Nexus phones can be discussed.
      Rumors suggest two phones: a 5" device codenamed Sailfish, and a larger device codenamed Marlin. Both are thought to be produced by HTC. [There's also a report that Google is making its own phone, without an OEM partner--along the lines of a Pixel phone--but that report has been largely discounted.]
      Android Police has claimed it knows with 8/10 certainty some specs of the smaller device--Sailfish:
      Manufactured by HTC 5" 1080p display (~440PPI) Quad-core 2.0GHz 64-bit processor (model unknown) 4GB RAM 2770mAh battery 32GB storage (unknown if multiple models will be available, or even if this is the base storage level) 12MP rear camera, 8MP front Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner USB-C port (bottom) Bottom-firing speaker or speakers (unknown if dual) Top-mounted headphone jack Bluetooth 4.2 Any thoughts on these devices? The last several Nexus devices have been Sprint compatible; is there any reason to think these won't be? Any hints in regulatory filings? How is HTC's radio performance, generally? Will Sprint sell them directly, and even if they do, will it still be preferable to buy directly from Google?
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    • Definitely agree. I'd honestly be satisfied if T-Mobile announced that they were deploying mmWave in targeted locations like airports and stadiums nationwide. Right now it still seems like they've stopped working altogether on expanding mmWave coverage with the exception of installing it at Raymond James Stadium and Tampa International Airport for the Super Bowl. Maybe they're holding out until new antennas and phones come out that support 24GHz and 47GHz spectrum since that's where the majority of their mmWave spectrum is here in NYC. Though there is nothing stopping them from deploying the 400MHz of n260 that they own here. I ran about 5 tests at this site but this was the only test with any packet loss. All with around 70ms pings. Even my mmWave speed tests in Brooklyn show 70ms pings. I've kinda been using it as a gauge for what 5G band I'm connected to. n41 is always in the teens, n71 is typically in the low to mid 20's, and n261 is around 70ms. It's honestly a mystery. Especially when we've seen Verizon mmWave with single-digit pings.
    • Dang, not too shabby! I'm sure this has been said before, but in some ways I kinda feel like T-Mobile has abandoned their mmWave network in NYC. I haven't seen any recent buildout, they're still stuck on 2x 50MHz n261 carriers, and performance (when you can connect) generally isn't much to speak of. On one hand, I don't really blame them when they have so much n41 deployment left to do. But it's also disappointing to hear them preach about the "layer cake" when their mmWave performance (at least in NYC) is a bit underwhelming. Here's hoping they'll get back on it when we start seeing these new 5G oDAS nodes roll out. I wonder what the reason is for the abnormally high pings you're seeing on n261. Didn't even notice that from my last post - it's a bit brutal to see a 77ms ping on n261 NSA and 13ms ping on n41 NSA, from the same site. Is this a recent development? Also, you probably shouldn't be experiencing ~5% packet loss when you're LOS... On another note, that's an interesting setup. Haven't seen one with a single APXVAR18_43-C-NA20, and I don't believe I've seen that 8-port Ericsson (?) midband antenna before.
    • Got my fastest mmWave speeds ever from a "layer cake" site in Chelsea. It recently got n41 but my phone didn't connect to it at all given I was super close to the site and within line of sight. Speeds on LTE alone were about 190Mbps.  I've been noticing consistent ~70ms pings on mmWave citywide.
    • is VoNR a thing yet?  when connected to n71, if a call happens, the device drops over to band 71 LTE to make the call and then switches back to 5G n71.  If I use samsung band selector and lock the device to n71 and do a call, the phone does not switch away from 5G and continues to reflect n71 but i dont have a way to know if that is just the phone not knowing what to show since it is band locked.
    • I have not seen CA on either with TNX.  CA on Sprint B41 is reduced to 2X around here as well.  Where the "magic" happens is n41 NSA. So far, I have not seen very fast speeds out of n41 SA.
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