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iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6C Rumor Thread


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Wow thats a big tablet. 5.6 million pixels. Holy hell


Excellent contrat ratio.

Uniform color and brightness

variable refresh rate

a9x  2x as fast everything obviously


HAha: it has a stylus. Funny that the word of the day on apples word of the day screensaver is Stylus.

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Masa and Marcelo are in the live audience today. Kind of rare when the big wigs from any carrier are in the house. 


Legere got invited but said he had to stay in Bellevue because of something T-Mobile had planned, for what it's worth. 

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Wow. I've actually never wanted to purchase an iPad. But they just did it.

They've really stepped it up. The pro with the keyboard and pencil is a winner in my book.



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