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Select Spectrum EBS Auction

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I didn't see any other threads relating to EBS auctions, so I think I'm in the clear.


There's going to be ~500 EBS licenses up for auction soon.






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Just to make matters clear, this is not a scheduled FCC spectrum auction.  This is a private auction.



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Would Sprint be interested in any of these?

No clue. Maybe they're even the source of some of them? Pure speculation here.

Just to make matters clear, this is not a scheduled FCC spectrum auction. This is a private auction.





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Would Sprint be interested in any of these?

Presumably yes. They just bought out the other BRS license holder in Lincoln of all places. I'd imagine they approach this auction and look at licenses on an individual basis to see if any of them make sense for Sprint.

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Again, no compensation of any kind goes to me, just spreading the information about what's going on.

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