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How Soon to upgrade Lollipop 5.1?


Android 5.1 ..To upgrade or not to upgrade ... That is the question.  

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  1. 1. When you have the chance, will you upgrade to Lollipop 5.1

    • Immediately
    • Wait a few days.
    • See what others experience .. you'll wait a while.
    • Give it a month or two ... see what else it screws up.
    • Don't think so.
    • Wait for new device .. deal with it then.

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Immediately for me means as soon as Team BadBoyz on XDA gets it into their ROM. Might give Viper a look see as well.

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Updated all of my M9s today, seem more snapper, and I love the do not disturb options.


Haven't noticed any other major improvements, will play around with the camera later.

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The same SCP displayed info still DROPS into CDMA  (i.e.   1x800 or worse) remain.  Interestingly many LTE info made it into the SCP logs with both 5.02 and the upgrade.


More interestingly  LTE Discovery IS showing both the LTE and the undesired CDMA info.  Comparing the info shown, the LTE info seems to match up with known good data.

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