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Improvement in Speed after NV

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Should I Expect to see any improvement in speed when NV upgrades are live in my area. I'm on the south shore of Nassau County Long Island and according to the maps there are no live site on all of the Island. I'm not complaining about my speeds cause I know how slow it is for some people. I was also wondering what time of the day is the networks usually the slowest from peak usage, so I can run some speed test then. There have only been a few times I've got under 1Mbps for downlaod and upload


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There are places in the legacy Sprint network that perform just fine. Especially newer sites. Also, there are many others that have received temp improvments in advance of Network Vision. These are the ones shown on network.sprint.com.


With performance like this, you will likely not see much improvement out of Network Vision in 3G, except for probably a slight signal increase. The biggest thing that will affect you will be LTE availability once it comes online and you upgrade your iPhone to use it.



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I had been getting similar speeds where i go to school in Oneonta NY for a few month until a few weeks ago I noticed a major slow down back to where it had been before around .2-.4Mbps download and .01-.20Mbps upload. I contacted sprint and they said one of the towers in my area were "under review for a possibly capacity augment" is that just what the network upgrade map is on the sprint site

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    • https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-gets-little-closer-accessing-its-25-ghz-spectrum-auction-108 Senator Kennedy's bill to grant the FCC temporary auction authority to finish processing the Auction 108 licenses it has sold to their proper licensees. This would greatly benefit T-Mobile.  This delayed process took what would have been a strategic advantage for T-Mobile (1 one year plus head start)  and turned into catch-up, since AT&T and Verizon haven been busy installing their c-band n77 in rural areas.
    • I configured -44/-3 scenarios on an Edge 2022 to be an invalid connection, so yes, it would show no service.. I didn't realize it was a frequent issue though. How certain are you about the other values? Perhaps they are just unchanged from the previous array of signal information that was reported? If that is the case, I can try to have the app discard -44/-3 datapoints and leave the screen unchanged. I worry about the slippery slope of having it display as -140, because that leads users to believe there is a -140 signal present, when in reality we don't know what the actual reading is.   Haha me and you both wish this!!!
    • Following up, I've gone into the office in person today and took my Edge with me. It looks like it now shows "No service" instead of the -44/-3 value.  I saw a lot of "no service" because it apparently does it a lot.  I'll check again on the train ride home later. Assuming I'm correct, is it possible to have some kind of middle ground on this?  I think it was showing other legitimate values, like the TA, even when it was showing -44/-3.  I'd prefer it show the data it has but at -140 dBm in those cases.  I recognize this could be a pain to implement, and if it is, then no worries, mostly curious. EDIT:  But now I'm sitting here thinking "what if the PCI is bad and I don't know it?"  But that can just as easily be the case on other phones that aren't caught.  I do regularly see bad PCI entries on my other devices, so maybe this isn't the best option.  Bleh, I wish this stuff just worked properly! - Trip
    • Forgot to follow up on this. The service was once again abysmal .
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