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possible to wipe all from samsung


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Hi I cant find anywhere this question. Does anyone phone how you can wipe a samsung s4 100%? I know even if you do a facory reset there is still stuff that could be recoverable. I am looking to buy a used phone but I want it to be 100% clean just like it was brand new. Thank you.

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Get the file of the current firmware for the phone which can be found if you google it. Then when downloaded put your phone into download mode. Use Odin to download the firmware. it will wipe the phone 100% from recovery to UI. It will be like brand new as you are looking for. Look Up QBKing77 he has videos of it. Will be the same for any Samsung phone or Tablet. 


Youtube link:


But Instead of the Tar File put the stock boot loader file into the boot loader area. I have done this on my GS3 and it has worked it. This will put a new version of the UI onto the phone. Same steps occur when going from CM back to stock. There are how to videos just google it there a lot out there. \



Hope this Helps.  

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