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    • Should be able to draw some good interest once we get these torn down and figured out. Expect lots of proprietary protocol so finding a comm port on the modem will be tricky if that is your thing. Getting an antenna design going is what I am excited for most. All I can do with the software is try to break it hard enough in the most blatant manner possible.  I have to be nice to this case though, I shredded a MR100 Nighthawk and a couple of magic boxes no problem, I'm trying to keep this thing at least a few more months, so I am excited to see what I can come up with. If you manage to teardown Sprint's premiere 5G home router and set up some externals that would be really neat to see.   Jim @LTEfix is great. We boomer chat on facebook and get confused by all the software, bitmaps and such. He really has a great domestic business going sourcing all this stuff. Thanks to his services I have an elaborate junkyard going and now 3 year Ever Improving LTE Internet Project. 
    • Doesn't look like it. It only supports Band 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17, 26, 41, 66, and LTE-U. It also doesn't have CDMA support. That said, U.S. variants of Samsung phones tend to have U on the end of their name while international variants tend to be F. This is the international variant.
    • Something interesting I discovered is it still shows voice roaming in most of these areas. 
    • I'm noticing some new giant dead spots along I-29 in ND now. Central MN as well. Also SE MN, central MI, southern OH, parts of KY, VA, NC, SC, GA. It's like they just went in and carved some areas out. Seems like they cut out along major interstates. Maybe a cost saving measure to remove roaming?
    • I just took a trip up Hwy 395 in Central CA between Mojave and Bishop and was roaming on Verizon in some areas.  This was for voice at least as I test called customer service and got the Verizon recording.  I also had data roaming in some places but not sure who's signal that was as it worked fine for internet browsing (Ebay, Yahoo and Facebook) but wouldn't allow me to send pictures or search google in my web browser.  I'm guessing the file size on the pictures I was trying to send were probably too large for what the roaming partner allows.  Also wherever Sprint had coverage LTE worked fine and the voice signal was on 800 Mhz according to debug mode.
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