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S4GRU first to capture Sprint LTE live in the wild!

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    • I would like to see a technical explanation as to how 5G network slicing is supposed to work with Net Neutrality.  My read on this which may be incorrect is that network slicing would only be allowed under net neutrality so long as the slice of the network is a private network but that seems to contradict the ability for the general public to use a public facing app from the app store that will run over the network slice.
    • https://www.lightreading.com/fixed-wireless-access/t-mobile-verizon-disclose-fwa-usage-stats I disagree with this article.  AT&T and Verizon have many rural sites without C-Band (or mmWave),  which ultimately are use it or lose it for them due to licensing requirements.  T-Mobile's rural FWA will greatly benefit once Auction 108 licenses are finally awarded.  Thus much growth is left for FWA.  So far the carriers have been going after the low hanging fruit in the suburbs and exburbs.  In those places FWA may ultimately be forced out.  Perhaps by them BEAD money would be better put to use to bury fiber in suburban back yards (or next to the curb).  This assumes that FWA will result in more rural towers given better economics with wireless plus FWA revenue.
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