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Band 41 Pico Cells (Nokia Networks)

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Nokia Networks


Flexi Zone BTS 2.6 Ghz



Image Credit: Omar Masry



















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So what's the range like on these? A few hundred feet? I know the mini macros can go a couple miles.


Would these be used for super-capacity-constrained areas (mall pavilions, busy parks, outdoor concert venues, etc) while the mini macros are more for coverage? Discussion in the omnibus thread answered this for me.

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    • As you guys are all excited to find a 10mhz carrier, I found a small cell popping up in the storage room at my office. They replaced the power panel the other day and brought in fiber. Today they are putting the hole in the roof (and patching the leak around the boiler.)

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    • Yesterday evening I had a notification that I had an update to "Carrier Services" in the Google Play store.  Any idea what this might be for, given that Google doesnt exactly give great descriptions of these sort of things.  I figured it must be something vaguely Sprint related, but wanted to see if anyone here had any insights.   Thanks!
    • So, this thread isn't very active... How is the radio on this bad boy?  The 3 XL will be delivered on Wednesday, :D.  Wish it had VoLTE out of the box, here's to hoping it will at least get it 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞.
    • Here's AT&T Band 5 in Prince William County:  https://imgur.com/a/A6x70Xe I tried locking to Band 5 in other places a few times along the way and did not see any additional Band 5.  This site also has Band 14, on top of the displayed 17/2/4/30.  I wonder if it has Band 66 as well.  (Didn't think to check.) Couldn't get a good look at the antenna as it was getting dark and it was cloudy and I was on I-66.  Sorry. - Trip
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