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    • By KD8JBF
      Interesting acquisition announced today....Blackberry to acquire Good Technologies. For those of you who don't know or are familiar with Good, it's basically a BYOD platform for enterprises. (Email, intranet, etc.) Not necessarily directly Sprint related, but many people use both.
    • By JDP121
      Supposedly it will be released on all major carriers in Nov. We will def. see how this will play out. 
    • By BlackBerryRulez
      (To moderators) Please move this thread if you think it fits better in another category. Thanks.
      So I noticed Sprint recently deployed B25 at the tower near(ish) my house (located in Northern Virginia). I'm picking up B25 intermittently on the top level and outside. Even without B25, I am satisfied with the quality of service in my area.
      The one thing I wish Sprint could do is stay more up to date with the new BlackBerry phones. I like my Q10 but am bummed they never released the Z10 or Z30. There has been a tweet or two from Mr. Claure hinting there may be a new Sprint-BlackBerry release coming. This could be referring to the Classic or upcoming Leap, but it's anyone's guess at this point. Sprint has been pretty cautious in recent years about releasing BlackBerry phones. I'm not sure if that is going to continue now and into the future.
      T-Mobile is in talks with BlackBerry about selling their phones again. Even without this, there is the ability to bring an unlocked phone to TMO because they are a GSM carrier.
      So, I bought a used Z10 off of eBay last night. I'm going to purchase a prepaid plan and try the service for a month. But, I'm expecting TMO's service to be satisfactory as well.. I have a tablet that can connect to TMO's network and the service is pretty good overall.
      What should I do? In your opinion, is there advantage to one carrier or the other?
      I'm going to also post this on CrackBerry. Perhaps this post would be somewhat more relevant there.
    • By BlackBerryRulez
      Are there any rumblings of the Classic or Passport coming to Sprint? Or any of the other US carriers, for that matter? I've heard nothing through the official channels or CrackBerry. I'd like to go back to BB when Sprint gives me my upgrade in May 2015.. but was hoping they'd have something newer than the Q10.
    • By wyattwalter
      What do you think? http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/30/3929760/blackberry-z10-review
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    • So T-Mobile having last minute business update call at 9am et in the morning....
    • When we get to a finished product, probably the best way to handle it for our Database editors is to keep a Google Doc that we can keep edited.  Then export that to update a SQL Database and then all the markers.  That's probably easier (and safer) than giving everyone access to the SQL database. That's essentially what we did in the past.  It's just we used Fusion Tables as the database that we edited and then exported it into a Fusion Table static data map. Robert
    • Here is a rough draft small demo map with a few MMIMO sites in the greater Seattle area: https://projects.viranifamily.net/s4gru/mysql-maps/?map=mmimo_western_wa This is what most users will see. I will be making performance enhancements in the coming weeks, although the map seems to perform well with all of the datasets I've tested thus far - up to 9,000 pins.   I currently have not had time to make a publicly-available backend for people to fiddle with, but @S4GRU had a chance to take a look at it and can speak to how it works.  
    • Most likely MHF4, or possibly u.fl size ports. I found what look to be u.fl on the T-Mobile Askey board and I am tearing it down after a late snack to find out the same thing. I have a ton of these handy in my lab but you can get MHF4 here and u.fl here with 2 day shipping. It's where I get all of mine and they work great. Just select what type of SMA jack you want on the opposing end in the dropdown.
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