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10 bands, 7 antennas, one phone - the Nokia Lumia 900


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After reading that the Lumia 900 supports 10 bands and has 7 cellular antennas... my mind is officially blown.


From BGR:

The Lumia 900 features compatibility with 10 different cellular bands — GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/900/1900 and LTE 700/1700/2100.


From anandtech:



After seeing this, a sprint phone with CDMA 800/850/1900 and LTE 700/800/1900/2500 doesn't seem all that crazy.


Am I the only one that was pretty impressed with this? With the 28nm qualcomm baseband that supports everything under the sun it doesn't seem far fetched to see a fully loaded sprint phone that actually has all of the needed antennas to support roaming on Verizon's 700MHz and 850MHz + sprint's native 800/1900 and Clearwire's 2.5.

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How do you arrive at "10 bands, 7 antennas"? I count the following seven bands:


Lower 700 MHz

Cellular 850 MHz

GSM 900 MHz

DCS 1800 MHz

PCS 1900 MHz

AWS 2100+1700 MHz

IMT 2100+1900 MHz


And I see one WWAN antenna covering those seven bands, plus a secondary MIMO/Rx diversity antenna for W-CDMA/LTE operation in at least four of those seven bands.



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