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    • I need to rebuild a couple maps. I just usually take pictures and poast those. I am busy and unorganized so I could care less to sort a bunch of site data from the master map and copy paste again, or match GPS to a site and harvest from there. Have you guys found a way to automate something like SCP log sorting, what would be required to do this when starting fresh?  
    • Currently 13. Since I control the code though, I can add more if/when needed. 
    • On a capital raised basis Sprint does not look bankrupt at all.  The number of site improvements doing since the merger was announced is astounding.  Most of the sites in my market have been touched, most Clear sites tribanded, new sites made, small cells multiplied, Massive MIMO installed in dozens of places with more permits added just a few weeks ago.  They have more macro sites in my market than T-Mobile, a ton of small cells where T-Mobile has almost none.  Yet this work does not show in root metrics.  RF engineers from other firms have all said Sprint is short of backhaul as their key problem.  They blame management, which I believe is the key reason Masa wants this merger.
    • Bankruptcy is a business tool.  Sprint's biggest problem is its debt load. Bankruptcy was a real possibility when Masa first got involved. Another option would be to sell Boost.  This dragged on merger has cost Sprint in terms of reputation.  A big time advertising campaign would be required to explain what they have been doing to the network. The key issue to tackle would be backhaul which would come out of operating thus P&L.  Sprint needs a Cricket type solution -- pay for the maximum speed you want.
    • How many different icon choices?  
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