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Buying used phone


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Hey folks...quick question here.


What is the best place to buy good condition used phones? Specifically for VZW. Friends of mine live in Ohio (VZW is the only carrier with reliable coverage in their area), and they are using an original Moto Droid and a Droid Bionic. I'm looking to pick up some better phones for them, the Bionic battery dies in 10 mins flat, basically has to be plugged in all the time.


I've checked eBay...but just wondering if any of you have any other places I should check. Looking at maybe a Droid Razr HD, Moto X, Galaxy S3...something along those lines.



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I have bought a couple of phones off craigslist and have not had problems with either.  The first was a Nexus 4 that I took overseas and the other was an HTC One M7.  When I returned, I sold the Nexus 4 for what I paid for it.  I still have the M7.

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I have had mixed results on E-bay.. Previously, I purchased a couple of Sprint version of the Sanyo Katana SCP-6600 phones successfully. I am still using one of them after more than a year.  I have also purchased extended life batteries for them with mixed results.

This past spring, I was not as successful.  I purchased two phones that I had to return.  A couple of others started out okay but did not hold up for long.  I purchased a couple of portable Wi-Fi units. One had the wrong interface and the unit seller refused to make it right.  He did work with me to make it functional, but the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) service refused to activate it. When they did, they screwed up the account. 

I purchased a different portable WiFi unit before I found out the BYOD behavior of the third party service and that deal worked out ok.

I purchased a third Wi-Fi unit that was very functional.  Sprint would gladly accept it, but I ruled the price of the plan to be excessive for my needs and sold it for a profit on E-bay.

At this point, I an trying to figure out what I want for my next phone.  Sprint's current offerings fall short in one way or another.

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    • Well, I saw a good deal on a factory unlocked A32 5G on eBay and was able to convince the seller to show me the software info screen--and it was May.  So I jumped on it. Stuck one of my Tello SIMs in it, and while my Moto One 5G Ace would connect to n71 SA, this phone refuses to do so.  And with only 0 for the TA value, it's less useful for LTE than my older devices.  Oh, and the *#2263# menu doesn't work properly for NR.  So definitely glad I'm able to disable updates. - Trip
    • NextWave re-emerges with 2.5 GHz private network service  https://www.fiercewireless.com/private-wireless/nextwave-re-emerges-25-ghz-private-network-service https://www.nextwave5g.com/nextwave-news The only way for T-Mobile to get up to 190MHz now is to either buy out NextWave in it's entirety or wait until NextWave's lease is up and attempt to "outbid" them for the right to lease the spectrum from the Archdiocese.
    • A whole bunch more: Sprint eNB 79606 (40.75132648431523,-73.90146879382196) --> T-Mobile eNB 310071 Sprint eNB ?? (40.76217959031908,-73.98290725716903) --> T-Mobile eNB 306359 Sprint eNB ?? (40.73515112286398,-74.05620754132336) --> T-Mobile eNB 219100 Sprint eNB 74287 (40.70103618706469,-73.88568221202024) --> T-Mobile eNB 307512 Sprint eNB ?? (40.61153605033678,-73.97809151056654) --> T-Mobile eNB 216122  Sprint eNB ?? (40.85506888812853,-73.8833696864961) --> T-Mobile eNB 894975 Sprint eNB 74711 (40.8825393882436,-73.8824177643403) --> T-Mobile eNB 894014  Sprint eNB ?? (40.853581236454886,-73.96895437356767) --> T-Mobile eNB 878599 Sprint eNB ?? (40.858543517828,-73.99069077095734) --> T-Mobile eNB 879007 Sprint eNB 103747 (40.72050408418687,-74.05430368479026) --> T-Mobile eNB 216911 Sprint eNB ?? (40.71543795248539,-74.04311338634996) --> T-Mobile eNB 894452
    • Mike. I sent in more diags for wi-fi 6e yesterday where SCP shows channel = 0.  Thanks.
    • Added and modified them all! I took a trip through the L train tunnel between 1st Avenue and Bedford Avenue recently and found n41 live in the tunnel. It's 80 MHz, speeds were 250-300, and I didn't have time to check if n71 is there. Some stations speeds slow wayyyy down when a train pulls in now, even the ones with B2 at 15 or 20 MHz, so any upgrade is great sight to see.
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