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    • If the main argument of the judge's opinion is that the states have no standing to sue since this is the purview of the federal government and not the states then it will withstand appeal. If he also lists the fact that FCC and DOJ went over and above their mandate (they only had to use approve or reject the merger) by creating a new competitor and are putting Dish's spectrum to use I think there will not be any appeals. BTW if the merger gets rejected, T-Mobile will be fine. CBRS and C-band auctions are coming up and they can pick up sizable chunks of spectrum there. I believe the cable cos will be major players in those two auctions also. I have always thought that the cable cos using either Sprint's spectrum or CBRS/C-Band spectrum will be something to be reckoned with. They can blanket the urban/suburban landscape with strand/pole mounted antennas and offer very attractive bundles that includes wireless service.
    • Completely agree.  I have been back and forth on this merger from the start, but came around when concessions were made and deals started happening with the individual states.   The potentials of a completely merged network and company are huge.  Sprint obviously can not go at it alone financially.  And t-mobile can not go at it alone based on their own spectrum.  The two companies are a near perfect match, and I honestly believe we would all benefit from a merger in both the short term and the long term. They both need each other to succeed at the level that Verizon and ATT has.  
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