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    • If Sprint was on the verge of collapse, like a few weeks from filing for bankruptcy, this case would be a done deal.  TMobile and Sprint would merge.  They could pitch and absolutely sell that. If a judge believes the numbers, no judge will allow Sprint to just fall off.   If anything, I think the best thing for Sprint if this doesn't go through is to go private. 
    • I would enable every CA option possible. Sprint will wait to enable them when they become commonplace.  Why wait?
    • WOW.  GREAT.  At least  the options are there.  Maybe we can get activation on this real soon.  If it ever shows up on my S9, I probably add the check-mark on some of this to see if it will work properly.  Might have to go back and un-check it, but I would try it.
    • same by me from my experiences in my area ....mostly at home.    They've gone backwards in what was once a decent signal is mostly now weak.     Had a Magic Box for nearly a year, until one of the updates kept my phone from receiving incoming calls.   Was with Sprint Tech Support 5 or 6 times and decided to say take it away!   Junk!   Just another "band-aid", one of many tried.    If you have a good network, you don't need all this extra stuff.    Sprint had a Small cell site built at the end of the road by me (1/2 mile away) on a traffic light pole.    It's Sprint.   Checked the site on Signal Check...  Band 41- 2500g.   Nice but it's signal is so low powered it only goes about 1-2 blocks then fades away very quickly for my 1-2 bar Macro signal off the main site 3 miles away.    
    • Yes, but they are not enabled. 
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