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    • This is my opinion of Sprint based on my having at least 1 line of service with them since 1999. Their coverage is not up to par with the other 3. I'm not talking about coverage on a rural road in South Dakota. I am talking about coverage inside one's home in a suburban setting. They need to thicken their coverage so that that it is consistent. If I am getting 50MBits outside my house and .5Mbits inside then the network is not consistent. 
    • https://marketplace.att.com/products?tags=connectivity https://www.t-mobile.com/business/iot/pricing https://www.verizonwireless.com/business/plans/m2m-business-plans/ https://business.sprint.com/tag/iot/
    • Hey everyone.  Longer post, but feel it is important to try to explain everything.     My wife and I about to buy a nuew 5th wheel RV.  Said RV has a system called ‘OneConnect’.  This system uses GSM network SIM cards to allow remote access to control lights/HVAC/etc.  So what I am researching now are what options there are with MVNO’s in regards to SIM cards with data-only buckets.  What I was hoping to avoid was any type of monthly deal.... I’d ideally like to just pick up an ATT sim somewhere with a bucket of like 2 or 4gb of data where the data just worked and once it ran out, I can simply buy another chunk.  Data usage would be very low - no video or audio or streaming.  Just would be using it really as an Iot device. Everything I am seeing seems to be something where you have to pay a monthly charge.  Are there other options out there where data can just be prepaid in larger chunks that be used till the bucket is exhausted but without a monthly fee?   We have been Sprint postpaid customers for so long that I don’t even know where to start in looking at prepaid or MVNO options for ATT.  lol
    • I suspect that something wasn't being reported correctly. We only have 3 channels of B41 on air here (minus small cells and magic boxes). Plus, Sprint only allows 2xCA on B41 at the moment, at least in the areas that I travel.
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