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    • I’ve seen improvements in the Bronx these past two weeks and in parts of Brooklyn where I had made the network report. Glad to know that Sprint really does look into these and fixes them quickly.
    • Standalone carrier is always denoted an A. 41C is 2x contiguous CA 41D is 3x contiguous CA Example. 41A + 41D is 1 non contig + 3 contiguous carriers. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
    • Are you on AT&T proper? You try different APNs?
    • Got impatient today and Flashed android 10 with odin, VOLTE is enabled and working.
    • So this is my 4 days in review.  Coverage: I've only been in town. Seems fine. About the same as T-Mo and Sprint. Verizon is better thanks to small cells on the university campus and a couple more sites around town.  Call performance: Much better than T-Mobile. No call problems so far, call quality doesn't seem to be very good. Data performance: So the definition of busy in "when the network is busy" is: if there's at least one other device using the same tower as you. I am deprioritized 24/7. Speeds are wildly inconsistent. When the network isn't being dumb the speeds are good. 40-90Mbps down and up to 12Mbps up. Pings are 110ms+ most of the time.   
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