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    • Inter-eNB carrier aggregation is possible and standardized (in the more recent releases) although it requires a unified backend core, so it won't be of much help until the transitional period has ended. 
    • Fenwick island Delaware Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
    • Does anyone have any pull to get a Magic Box Gold w/ voice amp? I have a gen 2 which works great for LTE but could really use the voice solution. The Airave doesn’t work for me as I don’t have a internet connection for it. I was promised by care like 5 times and then finally informed they are only for business accounts now. 
    • Hey Brad, I just meant with any of those, but all together would be a great second step. I have a few embedded radios and available band combinations in generic firmware tend to be broad. Unfortunately Band 41 has limited FDD aggregation band support. Band 25/26 is available so Ideally 2 and 5 fall in there like dood mentions below.   Great solution! Super nice. My guess is development will gear more towards n41 but in the meantime this would be fantastic. I wonder if we will see a solution that allows us to aggregate channels from differing eNodeB or sectors. This would help in the transitional period of the merger.  I also wonder if this is possible with that fancy virtualized dual action but one end point core all the software magicians speak of. I believe the canadien carriers have an example of what I am referring to.
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