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Issa: Don't sell off airwaves for short-term gains


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Issa making sense? Say it ain't so...

“Here in Washington, the American people have to communicate to their members of Congress and to the administration and to the FCC that it’s your spectrum, and the highest and best use of their spectrum is to make it available for all,” Issa said at an event sponsored by the WifiForward coalition, which includes major companies like Google, Comcast and Best Buy.


“Start explaining to people that it’s their spectrum that is being sold off just as deficits and debt sell off in the name of the next generation,” he added. “We can’t do one in the name of the other. Both have to be tackled.” 

Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/technology/205292-issa-dont-sell-of-airwaves-for-short-term-gains#ixzz30zBor4uA



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Very selfishly, I want it Part 15, Part 90 or Part 96. Then we can use it for fixed broadband. That will go through trees whereas what we have now won't.


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Issa making sense?


And meesa Jar Jar Binks.





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