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Network time off by 1 hour


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I had been experiencing a problem where my Iphone 5S would suddenly change to the wrong time for the past month.  I narrowed the issue down to my house as it did not occur when I was away from home and only occurred if I had my phone set to get its time automatically from the network.


I finally determined that if my phone connected to my Airvana, my phone time would change to one hour off.  If I unplugged my Airvana, the time would go back to the normal time and my phone would go back to 1 bar signal strength.


I called Sprint a couple days ago and had a long discussion with Airvana technical support.  They tried about a dozen different things to fix it and finally pulled in someone who was working some other customers on the same issue.  They agreed to push an update to my Airvana.  It now has the correct time and has been fine for the past 2 days at my home.


If you have the wrong time on your phone check if it is being caused by your Airvana.  If it is, call Sprint and have the update sent to it.

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