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    • ūüė̬† ¬† I cannot feel sorry for a multi-billionaire and a company that has made so many blunders.¬† ¬† Closing cannot happen¬†fast enough. ¬†
    • Idk I haven't seen anything mentioned anywhere so I'm just going to assume I will get nothing and if I get something then it's cool I guess.
    • Mine was a bit higher since I only had a S7 to trade in. $200 for it is a great price. I paid 1320 for everything with 96 in taxes, 235 in credit, samsung care plus, $65 led case, galaxy buds, 45 watt charger. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
    • Traded in my S10+ for a $600 discount¬†and used the $200 credit on a bundle with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Buds+. Overall I am paying $799 for the phone, I got the Galaxy Buds+ for free and because the Watch Active 2 was part of a bundle it was only $175. My subtotal was $986 (I got insurance for $11.99) and taxes were $96 so about $1,083 in total. Overall I got $875 in discounts. I always tell people if you don't care about holding onto your phone for forever, Samsung always gives insane discounts for trade-ins. It's kind of a sunken cost since I paid off the phone already but it's more than I'd get if I sold the phone on eBay or some other site for myself. I've done this every year for the past 3 years. I got my S9+ for $400 on day 1 by trading in my S8+, my S10+ for $500 on day 1 by trading in my S9+, and now I'm getting the S20 Ultra, Galaxy Buds+, and Galaxy Watch Active¬†(~ $2,000 worth of products) for just under¬†$1,100.
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