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    • Hey everyone.  Longer post, but feel it is important to try to explain everything.     My wife and I about to buy a nuew 5th wheel RV.  Said RV has a system called ‘OneConnect’.  This system uses GSM network SIM cards to allow remote access to control lights/HVAC/etc.  So what I am researching now are what options there are with MVNO’s in regards to SIM cards with data-only buckets.  What I was hoping to avoid was any type of monthly deal.... I’d ideally like to just pick up an ATT sim somewhere with a bucket of like 2 or 4gb of data where the data just worked and once it ran out, I can simply buy another chunk.  Data usage would be very low - no video or audio or streaming.  Just would be using it really as an Iot device. Everything I am seeing seems to be something where you have to pay a monthly charge.  Are there other options out there where data can just be prepaid in larger chunks that be used till the bucket is exhausted but without a monthly fee?   We have been Sprint postpaid customers for so long that I don’t even know where to start in looking at prepaid or MVNO options for ATT.  lol
    • I suspect that something wasn't being reported correctly. We only have 3 channels of B41 on air here (minus small cells and magic boxes). Plus, Sprint only allows 2xCA on B41 at the moment, at least in the areas that I travel.
    • 100% agreed. The real takeaway that no one is mentioning is that the big 4 have done an ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL JOB of blanketing this massive, massive nation in 4G so ubiquitous that we're absolutely shocked when we're not on it. Job well done, guys. Very well done indeed. 
    • Yes she has an iphone and that was the other problem we experienced on wifi calling. For the E911 it has you put in your address which doesnt exist yet apparently. So the only way I could enable wifi calling was to put my old address in which somehow changed the billing address and they shipped the first magic box there. We had never had service with sprint at that address so that is the only way they could have got that address on the account. Price ya pay for moving I guess
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