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FCC Approves TDD Deployment in Upper 700 MHz A Block


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The FCC has approved deployment of Time Division Duplex (TDD) equipment in the upper 700 MHz A Block. 

Access Spectrum, which holds wireless spectrum licenses in the Upper 700 MHz A Block covering two-thirds of the United States, said in a statement that the decision confirms that TDD equipment, which uses a single frequency for both transmission and reception, can be deployed in full compliance with FCC regulations in the Upper 700 MHz A Block, without the worry of interference. 

Michael Gottdenker, chairman and CEO of Access Spectrum said the FCC’s authorization for the use of TDD equipment marks an important milestone in the development of the Upper 700 MHz A Block. 

"This approval demonstrates that the equipment complies with the regulatory technical rules thatapplyarrow-10x10.png to the A Block. The development of this equipment helps to illustrate the wide range and variety of technologies that can be deployed by technology companies, critical infrastructure enterprises, and government entities that are in need of wireless spectrum to deploy any number of cutting edge technologies – from machine to machine communications to smart grid applications, from hospital and health care connectivity to high-quality data processing,” Gottdenker said. 

The news should be encouraging to a company like Sprint, which has chosen to go ahead with a TDD LTE rollout, on hopes that committments from China Mobile to do the same will help scale the technology. 

However slowly, Sprint is deploying is "ultra-broadband TDD-LTE" network in its newly-acquired 2.5 GHz spectrum. Sprint’s TDD deployment will be the first use of the technology in a national deployment in North America.



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Upper 700 MHz, guys. Upper, not Lower.



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Who owns that right now? Were those block sold unpaired?


Nope, it was sold paired. It's held by 3 licensees across the country. Apparently "Access Spectrum LLC" holds about 2/3 of those licenses.


Upper A is a very narrow slice of spectrum (1x1 MHz FDD, or now 2x1 MHz TDD)  that doesn't appear to have been put to use by anyone yet. It's small size means it's unsuitable for cellular use. However...


The licenses within the A Block can be used for a number of cutting-edge technologies, both those already in use and those just beginning to come to market. Applications for this spectrum could be useful across industries, including social and media platforms, automotive, financial transactions, oil and gas, smart grid/smart home, transportation, and telematics.


Source: FierceWireless


I imagine they will also investigate if the Upper B block can support TDD equipment without interference, if they haven't already.

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