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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 1 February 2012


Here's some information on the BB London that's suppose to be released this fall. It's actually a quite handsome phone if BB sticks with this design. With this look and if the rumored specs are correct, BB will have its first phone that's at least competitive with what's on the market today.



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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 1 February 2012


I like the design and specs they have listed, but I may like them a lot less when the next round of Android/Apple/Windows phones are released and lap RIM. The disign on this bad boy might just get them added to the Apple design copyright suit...LOL

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I'm not as negative now on the BB London. It is a sharp looking phone. Although I like the stainless steel that was on the earlier prototype better.


I'm a little optimistic about OS x10 with support for Android apps. If enough Android developers join RIM and add their apps to the BB App World, they just might have a shot.


I think it will then just come down to performance. Because if the BB London feels sluggish compared to all the dual core gems and new quad cores coming out, then it won't matter.


But if BB plays all their cards right with the London, I could see myself picking one of these up as a secondary phone. Especially if you can install any Android APK yourself and not forced to use only submissions that have managed to find their way to BB App World.


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